Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marlins Make a Move on Gaby Sanchez

Word is out that the Florida Marlins have demoted their University of Miami baseball prospect, Gaby Sanchez, to their Triple A affiliate team, the New Orleans Zephyrs. We predicted that Sanchez would be in a difficult position as he battled Jorge Cantu for a position at 1st base - he came out on the losing end of the early spring training position battles.

Although he was sent down to the minors, Gaby Sanchez has a huge upside to his game and has potential to become a future Marlins starter. As Dan Uggla once put it while he was on the Dan LeBatard Show, "he has a nice package" (I know, that doesn't sound right and LeBatard let him have it).

The decision to demote Gaby came as a result of a chain reaction of events. First of all, Emilio Bonifacio won the 3rd baseman spot with the team. That left Jorge Cantu battling for 1st base with Gaby. After Gaby had a sub-par performance in spring training, the team decided that Cantu was the safer pick.

We'll see what happens as the season begins and gets underway. I would like to see Gaby back in the active roster at some point in the season and play a few games in order to gain experience. The South Florida baseball fans will be rooting for him as they'll want the hometown athlete to get a legitimate shot at proving that he belongs in "The Majors."

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