Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day Ahead, Last Season Behind

The Miami Dolphins enjoyed a better-than-expected 2008-09 season which gave them the AFC East title for the first time since 2000. The most remarkable part of it all is that they did it without being atop of any prominent statistical category. The Fins were 21st in points,  12th in total yards, 11th in rush yards, and 10th in passing yards. That's nothing special. At the same time, it was good enough to go 11-5 in the regular season and knock off the New York Jets from playoff contention. 

The reality of it all now: that's in the past and the draft marks the present and future. We must move on now.

As Dolfans we must appreciate last year's performance, but not dwell on it. 2009 is a new year, a tougher season, and an uphill battle that should be taken one game at a time. The 2009 NFL Draft will help reinforce some of the weak spots in our offense, defense,  and special teams. With plenty of draft picks on our side, thanks to trades and deals made last year, we have a good chance to choose some solid players.

Here's our draft order:

  • Round 1, Pick 25 (25th overall)             
  • Round 2, Pick 12 (44th overall)             
  • Round 2, Pick 24 (56th overall)             
  • Round 3, Pick 23 (87th overall)             
  • Round 4, Pick 8 (108th overall)             
  • Round 5, Pick 25 (161st overall)             
  • Round 6, Pick 8 (181st overall)             
  • Round 7, Pick 5 (214th overall)             
  • Round 7, Pick 28 (237th overall)
Don't be surprised to see pick swaps and/or pick-for-player trades by the Dolphins. Parcells seems to have considerable mastery over the NFL Draft and has a good sense of what is worth and not worth a draft choice. 

It will be a long weekend, but I'm confident that the Dolphins can make picks, even late in the draft, that will ultimately improve the team this season. Look at Yeremiah Bell (6th Round) Channing Crowder (3rd Round), and Kendall Langford (3rd Round) - just to name a few. 

Check back at the end of this Draft weekend and we'll recap the picks, evaluate the talent, and foresee our post-draft potential.

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