Monday, March 30, 2009

Will Jason Taylor Come Back to Miami?

A recent report by ESPN placed Jason Taylor on the fence, choosing between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. His decision is important now because it determines whether he will be pass rushing against Dolphins opponents or lining up to knock Pennington on his back. The big issue here is Taylor's priorities - the very issue that led him out of Miami in the first place. Bill Parcells may be the type to hold grudges, but now that the Patriots are in the conversation I'm sure he'll give it a second thought.

Taylor might be getting old (relatively speaking when it comes to the NFL - the guy is only 34 for Christ's sake!), but any NFL coach would rather have him on their defensive line rather than on the opposing end. The next question is, what is the probability that he will return to Miami as opposed to heading north towards New England?

I'd say there's a 51% chance he comes to Miami, leaving a 49% chance he ends up in New England, just because it's a toss-up with a very slight advantage for Miami.

Taylor definitely would like to win a championship before he retires, but he doesn't want to end up selling his soul to the Pats like Junior Seau did. On the other hand, he can fit well with Miami and only add on to their success. The comfort level is there on South Beach.

What remains is his final choice - "Should I stay or should I go?" Here's some insight JT: Miami forgives you for your Dancing With the Stars dilemma and is willing to accept you. Now is Bill Parcells forgives you...that's a different story. You might have to apologize to the Big Tuna when it's all said and done.

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threio said...

would be nice for him to play out his final days with the dolphins. lets hope egos are left at the door if talks materialize.

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