Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wade: "This is My House!"

If the MVP race were an election, Dwyane Wade would be the surging underdog. The "crowd favorites" in Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have not been able to match Wade's stretch of dominance over the past couple weeks. Flash has had Miami fans blazing with excitement and seems to have built a solid case for his MVP bid.

Ever since the 4th quarter of the February 28 game versus the NY Knicks, Dwyane Wade has exploded to another level of play. It's almost as if the reincarnated Dwyane Wade of the 2006 NBA Playoffs has found its way back into that #3 jersey. Wade has averaged 38.4 pts ever since that balmy February night in Miami and has led the Heat to a 5-2 record over that stretch.

Now we must note that the two losses were important ones (versus the Cleveland Cavaliers) and the most recent win over the Boston Celtics was exclusive of Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett. Let's not get carried away with the Heat's recent dominance just yet.

Either way, the Heat have done particularly well and have definitely out performed the skeptics' predictions. Who would have thought that such a young Miami team would be fighting for the 4th seed in the East? Well, here at Miami Sports Generation we can't really comment on that because we would have a home team bias, but you can decide for yourselves.

What is most impressive about Wade's recent performance is the fact that a busted lip was what ignited this all. An accidental elbow to the face by Danilo Galinari was what began Wade's assault on the NBA. He ended up scoring 24 pts in the 4th quarter of that Knicks game and hasn't scored under 25 pts since.

Make way for D. Wade because he's coming full throttle at the league and is out to prove that he's back. A shot of Wade holding up that MVP trophy in April might be what finally silences all the doubters. If that happens, we urge them to take a trip to the American Airlines Arena and pick up a "This is My House" Wade Poster in order to pay some respect to the one they didn't believe in. It's hard to find one of those posters on eBay, but you can find other D. Wade posters here.

Just remember that you never underestimate the heart of a champion, as Rudy Tomjanovich once said, because their pride can never be taken away. Dwyane Wade will never forget about that 2006 run and has clearly shown that he's hungry for another championship ring.

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jae said...

I'm happy that Wade is FINALLY getting his due in regards to MVP consideration. I always thought that he deserved the nod over Lebron and Kobe. Wade is doing an amazing job with a team with very little talent. Lebron at least has Williams(All Star) and Big Z. Kobe has....well probably the best team in the league and tons of help. You take Wade off of the Heat and they're a lottery team, no if and's or but's about it. Also I know that most know that Wade averages more points than Lebron and Kobe. But did you know that he averages more steals and BLOCKED SHOTS than either as well? Hats off to Wade because he deserves buzz which his games has created.

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