Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Brunch Rant Week 4

Check your ego at the door. Yes, Terrell Owens, I'm talking to you. You keep receiving chances after destroying every franchise that you touch.
Everybody knows the reason you signed with the Bills. You want to restart that competition you had with Randy Moss a couple years ago about who's the best wide receiver in the NFL. What better way to do it than play in the same division?

You signed with a team that doesn't have a solid quaterback. Trent edwards has struggled to find his rythym and has dealt with injuries. Let's take a look at the QB's that you've complained about not getting you the ball. You have had numerous public altercations with Jeff Garcia, Donavan McNabb, and recently Tony Romo. No disrespect to Edwards but he is not half the quarterback that they are.They already have a solid wide receiver in Lee Evans and even he doesn't put on the numbers to his full potential. What are you going to do when you don't get the ball in Buffalo? I already know! 3,2,1 BOOM!!!!!

The Bills are the winners in this deal. If you work out and get them back to the playoffs they have a chance of re-signing you. If continue to be a cancer in the locker room like in the past, your contract is up and they didn't become any worse of a team.

Who is going to give you a fifth chance?

Learn from Randy Moss's stay in Oakland. His numbers were down but he didn't say a word. He proved that the game was more than just him and he caught a break 2 years ago when he was traded to New England.

Again, I tell you check you ego at the door and play team football for once in your career. Who knows? Maybe you will get another chance.

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