Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Brunch Rant Week 5

"Because no one likes to wake up early on Sundays"

It was a national embarrassment how Team USA laid down to Team Puerto Rico last night. In the WBC's short existence. No team has lost by the mercy rule in the second round, except for Team USA. This is a team who has, or should I say had, the potential to make it to the final round and compete for the title. This is not about losing because anyone can lose a game. It's the way they lost that ticks me off.

USA is now behind the eightball. They are on the brink of elimination. One game seals their fate.

America invented this game. We should be dominating! We finally get a chance to let Major League players play in international competition and we are not taking advantage. Maybe Team USA should do the same thing USA Basketball did. Get together once a year for two weeks and get commitment from players.Get a Coach that wont leave Barry Larkin in charge if he has to step out. Get a coach who wont leave his starting pitcher in the game if his stuff is not effective. This is not a long season where you say "let's see if he can work out of a jam'. You have to treat every game like game seven of the World Series.

I don't want to take anything away from Puerto Rico. They are a great team with pleny of star power.

I just want to see some effort from Derek Jeter and company. Show some pride and show some respect to the game. If you believe that this is "our game" and "national pastime", you guys will get your head right and show your fans that we are the best. Show that this game is nothing without the United States of America.

When you face the Netherlands, leave it all on the the field. Don't walk away saying we didn't try hard enough. If you don't do it for your fans or baseball, do it for yourselves. Make sure you can walk with your heads high at the end of the day.

Let everyone know "This is our house".

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