Saturday, March 21, 2009

Should the Dolphins look at the Ravens' Dump Offs?

It seems as though many teams have cut their "excess fat" by releasing some notable players for no value in return. One of those teams to join the release trend is the Baltimore Ravens; recently releasing DB Samari Rolle and CB Chris McAlister. Now the question is, should the Miami Dolphins go after any of these players?

The answer should be, at least one of them - Samari Rolle.

The Dolphins have already signed former Arizona Cardinals CB, Eric Green this off-season and I'm not sure how much depth they would like to add to the CB position. McAlister would be a decent veteran corner to add, but I'm not sure if he will start or warm the bench.

As for Samari Rolle, here's a guy that the Dolphins should consider as a solid back up safety to Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson. I believe that his addition can definitely make the case for a solidified Dolphins secondary - something we haven't seen since the Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison era.

Both Rolle and McAlister are in their early 30's and probably won't be long term solutions for any NFL team out there today. At any rate, I'm sure many teams will consider adding a veteran piece to their secondary unit if they are lacking depth. The Miami Dolphins definitely fit the profile of a team in need for some extra back-up, especially with the bad luck they've had with injuries at the CB/DB positions. Last season was an exception to the rules because the Fins actually had some continuity in the secondary, which could have been part of the reason why they were so successful.

Samari Rolle has played 12 season in the NFL and has recorded 431 total tackles (solo & assists), 123 pass deflections, and 31 interceptions. Chris McAlister has played 11 season in the NFL and has recorded 339 total tackles, 89 pass deflections, and 26 interceptions.

Each player has solid statistics that show a consistent performance throughout their long careers in the NFL. THey were both a big part of the Ravens well-known defensive dominance, particularly McAlister (who was a part of the 2001 Ravens championship run).

I would be satisfied with any of these two guys wearing a Dolphins uniform, but I would believe that Rolle would be the more sensible addition. We'll see what Bill Parcells decides to do with his talent evaluation instincts. Stay tuned for an MSG Fin Meter evaluation in the case that either of these players join the Dolphins in the off-season.


pmesa4life said...

There's no chance a starter on a bad ass defensive minded team is going to come to Miami to ride the bench. So good luck with dream!

David J. Verjano said...

Last time I checked, the average career in the NFL is 3 seasons long. Both Rolle and McAlister have been in the league for over 10 seasons already. I'm sure if their goal is to win games (since they've already gotten all the money they can dream of in over a decade) they will sacrifice playing time to be a part of a winning team. The Fins might not be the Patriots, but we sure are getting there with the turnaround you've seen in such a short time span.

You may call it a dream, but Parcells calls it destiny.

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