Monday, March 2, 2009

Reflection on Jason Taylor

Jason taylor has just been cut by the Washington Redskins for refusing to take part in 8 weeks of off-season workouts.

Lets look at last Summer. The Dolphins were putting together a new team and implementing a new system, while the face of the franchise was dancing in tights on tv. He threw the team to the side for himself. Now he wants to spend time with his kids. He should of thought about that before.

Jason Taylor is now in his 13th year. No team is going to take in a new player and allow him not to attend workouts, especially when its a new system.

Jason says he still wants to play football. He still makes Miami his home but don't expect him to reunite with the team. The Tuna looks like someone who holds a grudge and believe me there is one between the two. Parcell's pride trumps the teams needs.

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GM-Carson said...

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