Wednesday, February 25, 2009

T.J. Houshmandzadeh Says "We Can Make it Happen" in Miami

So I'm on my way home in the late afternoon and I tune into The Dan Le Batard Show on the radio, just too see what's up. I hear the deep voice of an athlete speaking to Dan and his co-host about insignificant nothings, particularly about Walter Herman's ponytail (Detroit Pistons Forward). After a few minutes of listening to this amusing conversation about nothing, I realize that the athlete on the show is T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

The highly sought after free agent wide receiver from the Bengals, was on the radio show for a short segment and was answering whatever questions Dan threw at him. The biggest question Le Batard asked T.J. was right before the segment was over – “Why don’t you come to Miami and put on a Dolphins uniform?” T.J. answered by saying, “Why don’t you go talk to Parcells and Sparano and tell them to contact my agent. We can make it happen, just tell them to give me a holler.”

Those words got me, and plenty of other Dolphins fans that were listening, pumped at the idea that we could potentially have a legitimate #1 WR wearing the good ole’ teal and orange. With Housh and Ginn lined up on the right and left of Pennington, I think the Dolphins pass offense can be taken to the next level. I’m not sure of the chances that T.J. will actually land in Miami, but for now we should ponder the implications of this possible acquisition.

By looking at T.J.’s stats, we can clearly see that his prime years were in the ‘06 and ’07 seasons – logging in a total of 21 touchdowns and over 2,200 receiving yards throughout those two seasons. Now if we look at the Miami Dolphins and there three main receivers (Tedd Ginn Jr., Greg Camarillo, and Davone Bess), we can notice a lack of production at the WR position in the past couple seasons. Ginn had a combined 4 touchdowns and 1,220 receiving yards in ’07 and ’08. It’s downhill from here, because Bess and Camarillo only have 3 touchdowns and 1,300 receiving yards between each other. In other words, T.J. Houshmanzadeh bring more production to the table than all top-three WRs on the Dolphins depth chart.

Can we say that Housh would be a…how would you call it…UPGRADE?!?

Well, let’s not go into this idea too deep because he may never become a part of the Fins at the end of it all. For now, let’s hope that T.J. takes Dan Le Batard’s advice and comes down to South Beach to provide Miami fans with a continued sense of hope into the 09-10 season. Keep an eye open for an in-depth analysis of T.J. Houshmanzadeh if he indeed does become a piece of the Parcells puzzle – we will be evaluating his compatibility with the MSG Fin Meter.

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