Thursday, February 12, 2009

Support Your Florida Marlins!

Now I'm sure you've heard of all the negatives to building the Marlins' new stadium here in Miami. Whether it's the public funding, the product on the field, or the criticism of the administration, there's has been plenty of trash to throw around on the Marlins. It's time to shed light on the good side of the Marlins and building the stadium.

If you think this stadium is being built by your very own tax dollars, well you haven't heard the whole story. This stadium will be financed by Tourist tax dollars (for instance, hotel taxes). Thus, no tax dollars that could be used for social services are being wasted.

If you are a pessimist and are critical of the Florida Marlins' roster and team effort, then you quickly forget the basis of the Marlins' success. The team has been around for less than 15 years and has gone through the ups and downs of two World Championships and two fire sales. That's too much of a rollercoaster history for you to base your opposing arguments on. Not to mention, last year we were talking about the Marlins being #1 in the NL along with Tampa Bay in the AL. We all know where the Rays ended up, along with their youthful base that strikingly resmebles the Florida Marlins.

As I heard a sport talk radio caller say, "what about the rival teams? how will they get to see their out-of-state teams?" So, Mets fans say goodbye. Braves fans - adios. Yankess, BoSox, and other popular teams' fans - farewell. If we don't get this stadium, the fans of other teams will not get to see their teams live and in person anymore - and I'm pretty sure that there wont be any road trips up to Tampa to satisfy those desires. In essence, this is in the best interest of ALL baseball fans that live in Miami to support keeping the Fish in town!

Whatever reservations you may have of the Marlins front office, set it aside. It's about the team, not the President and CEO. We go to the ballpark to see "Hanley and Uggla" not "Samson and Loria." If we continue to see everything in such a negative light, where's the future of sports in South Florida? I hope you're not letting this economic climate affect your emotions, because if anything, this will help the surrounding area with economic stimulus. You and I know it works, so why not give it a shot. It's projected that building this stadium will create up to 2,000 construction jobs for the next three years and up to 1,000 ongoing permanent jobs. In a time where unemployment is rising and job creation is in dire necessity, this project can help Miami now and in the long-run.

If this fails, I will admit to supporting a failed cause. But by no means, will I let this opportunity slip from our grasps if it's perfectly available for us to exercise. Give the Marlins a chance. Give baseball a shot. Hell, give Miami a damn good chance to succeed.

Here's a PDF file of the Marlins Stadium promo:

Download it, email it, print it, and spread the word. Friday is the day to go out there and show your support for the stadium. Make it happen and make a statement. Go Fish!

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