Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Brunch Rant Week 1

This will be the first week of Sunday Brunch Rant (Cause no one likes to get up early on Sundays). For anyone who tuned in to Sun-Shine Network or Fox-Sports Network last night, I feel your pain. The Miami Heat and The Florida Panthers were in prime position to win their games and failed miserably.

The Heat entered the 4th quarter up 69-63 over The Philadelphia 76ers until the slump was engaged. Missed shots, Turnovers, Fouls, and did I say Missed shots. Miami lost their lead when Philly went up 74-73 with 9:22 left to play. How do only score 12 points in over 9 minutes? This doesn't come as a surprise to Heat fans. It's been years of the same old story. Dominate the game for three quarters, then give it away.(I would like to recall all those games against the Pistons). If NBA games would last 36 minutes instead of 48, the Heat would have at least 3 championships under their belt. Let’s see if they can play 48 minutes tonight against the Bobcats at AAA.

Panther fans, all I can say is I don't believe it. With 5 minutes left in the game, and trailing 2-1, The Cats drew a penalty from the Capitals. A minute later Washington's Shaone Morrisonn, received a 5 minute major for checking Cory Stillman in the back. That gave us a 5-3 man advantage for a minute. Washington blocked every weak attempt by Florida to score. They cleared the zone 3 times during that long minute. Enter Sergei Fedorov after his 2 minute penalty. The Cats now have a 5-4 advantage for the rest of the game. They pulled Thomas Vokoun with two minutes left to give the Panthers a 6-4 man advantage. The panthers didn't give a full-hearted attempt to win this game. With 1:13 remaining, Defenseman Mike Green stole a pass and connects on an empty-net goal. The door was shut for the day. Pack it up and take it back to sunrise for Tuesday's match against Toronto.

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