Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miami Sports Generation's Evaluation System

To evaluate incoming free agents, draft prospects, and trade assets through a methodical process that will determine how compatible the player will be with the receiving team.

Three Steps to the Process:
  1. Statistical Analysis
  2. Attitude/Behavioral Research
  3. Talent Evaluation


I. Statistical Analysis
  • Compare a player's stats to a team’s stats - based on position-specific stats or on overall team stats

II. Attitude/Behavioral Research

  • Research player's past for positive and negative activities and compare them to the organizational attitude (i.e. good reputation vs bad reputation)

III. Talent Evaluation

  • Look at player's strength/weaknesses and determine how his talents will play into the team's style of play and gameplay strategies.
How We Grade Them:
Based on the aforementioned factors, we will use a scale from 1 to 10 to determine how compatible a player is with the team. Ten would be the highest, while one would be the lowest score possible. Through comprehensive research and in-depth comparison, we will provide a quality measuring scale to determine the effectiveness of a transaction or acquisition. Sport fans will be able to refer to this scale as an authoritative tool in their sport research.

What Will We Call It?
Each team will have a different name for their measurement tool, here's what they will be called:
  • Miami Dolphins = Fin Meter
  • Miami Heat = Heat Index
  • Florida Marlins = Fish Scale
  • Miami Hurricanes = U Barometer
  • Florida Panthers = Instinct Factor
*All of the names will be preceded by "MSG," since they are tools created by our organization and are a part of our sport reporting efforts.

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