Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jamaal Magloire Sees No Evil

On Monday night, February 2nd, Miami Heat Center, Jamaal Magloire, placed his stamp on the court by powering through one of his signature dunks against the Los Angeles Clippers. His "no look" dunk made ESPN's top ten list and stirred a few chuckles in the crowd on a night which the Heat simply dominated the Clippers on all ends of the court.

Although Magloire was a once-dominant Center in the league, his effectiveness has faded, but that has not stopped him from keeping his swagger. You see, Magloire has been notoriously known for executing his signature dunk throughout his career. Knowing that he only needs one hand to throw it down, he uses the other to cover his feeble eyes and not see the pain he is about to inflict on the opposing team.

As a message of warning, beware of the Canadian-born "silent dunk artist" that resides in Miami today. Lurking in the shadows of the bench, he may strike at any moment when his number is called. So keep your eyes wide open, legs bent, and arms up in preparation for what you might not be expecting from good ole' Jamaal.

Here are a few sightings of Magloire making the most out of his "see no evil" dunk antics - Enjoy:

Magloire Blind Dunk
Magloire 360 No Look Dunk

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