Friday, February 6, 2009

I've Heard That Before!

Even though "The Tuna" told ESPN's NFL Live Host, Trey Wingo, that he was dedicated to the Miami Dolphins for the 2009 season, there is something in me that says BULLSHIT! Prove it!

It was just announced today that the clause in Parcells' contract stating that he has 30 days to inform the new team owner, Stephen Ross, if he was going to remain with the team or leave and be paid his fully guaranteed salary was removed three weeks ago. Bill can know get up and quit anytime he wants and get paid 12 million dollars. If he leaves for another team, we don't receive compensation.

Last time I heard a Miami Dolphins coach say he was dedicated to the team and wasn't leaving, Nick Saban made a disappearing act and shipped off to Alabama two months later. We all remember what happened the next year. I don't even want to mention the record. So I say it again Bill, BULLSHIT! Prove it!

Here's the story.

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