Saturday, February 28, 2009

Exit "The Matrix." Make Way for "Moon Rover."

The departure of Shawn Marion from the Miami Heat is now a mere figment of Heat fans' memories, as Jamario Moon's athletic presence and flourishing talent has taken off. Versus the Philadelphia 76ers, Moon tallied 12 pts and 2 blks, including 4 dunks (2 of which were alley-oops!). "Moon Rover" is definitely a freakish athlete, perhaps more freakish than "The Matrix" at this stage in his career.

Marion left Miami in a somewhat bitter mood as he called Miami's offense "boring" - he was glad to be a part or Toronto's fast-paced offense. Although Marion is virtually a double-double machine, the combination of O'Neal and Moon makes up for his contribution in the points and rebounds departments. In the long run, I would rather take "Moon Rover" over "The Matrix," because you get the same athleticism for a much smaller paycheck. Marion's contract is worth $17 million, while Moon's is worth $700 K. You be the financial advisor.

Heat fans will wish luck to Shawn Marion, but will offer better luck to Jamario Moon. There is a huge upside to this kid, with his seemingly endless potential and his considerable contribution to the Heat system. In his first official start with the Heat, he scored 17 pts, racked up 12 rebounds, and logged in one steal. Oh yea, and he had a sweet alley-oop and a nasty put-back dunk in between.

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