Monday, January 5, 2009

Pro Bowl + Super Bowl = Miami Mania Bowl 2010

The season might be over for the Miami Dolphins, but theres much more to look forward to next season if you are a Miami fan. Not only will the Dolphins bring back Bill Parcells as Executive VP to continue the rebuilding process, but Dolphins Stadium will be hosting - not one - but two major NFL events in 2010. That's right, we're talking about the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl.

According to a report by ESPN, the Pro Bowl will precede the Super Bowl in 2010, which will be held in Miami instead of Honolulu. This event could stir lots of interest in sport enthusiasts within the Miami area and may even spark more crowds to attend Miami Dolphins football games. Not to mention, the City of Miami can look forward to some much needed tourism and economic stimuli during next season. This endowment of two NFL events as big the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl is a blessing for South Florida. It will require lots of tax payer money for beautification, security, safety, etc., but in the end I'm confident that we will get a "return on investment."

The setting looks a little like this: The Dolphins will be coming off a better-than-expected 11-5 season which led to a playoff spot. The fans will become more excited about the team and begin to follow, watch, and attend games more often. The organizition will have higher expectations next season to go beyond just making the playoffs. What this all culminates into is a drive to play harder in order to have a great regular season, make the playoffs, go deep, and hope to play in Miami for the Super Bowl game in 2010. Imagine the day...

There is no doubt that next season will become hyped with football fanaticism like no other since the Marino and Shula eras. It seems like this season's story only set up for a sequel next season with all the events that the near future has to offer. Miami, the stage is all set. It's time to cheer on the Fins, rock the house, and let the show begin. Expect the thrills, the chills, and the heart-stopping moments because the Dolphins are back. Hell, Miami is back.

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