Wednesday, October 1, 2008

About Miami Sports Generation

"Keeping the Fan Faith Alive"

About Us

Established in 2008, Miami Sports Generation was founded by two family members, David J. Verjano and Anthony Hernandez, with a genuine passion for Miami sports and a unique desire to share their perspectives. These two Miami natives followed all their hometown teams from as early as they could remember and felt a close connection with all of them. They decided to create a sports blog that would not only provide quality commentary but interesting and useful information as well. Out of pure passion, the two began to blog about all the latest sports action, whether it was the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins or any other local pro and collegiate teams. Today, Miami Sports Generation is proud to be major contributor to the South Florida sports discussion.

What Makes Us Different

Our purpose is not to provide readers with just standard statistics and general game recaps - you can get that anywhere. Miami Sports Generation was established to offer insight beyond the box score. We know that fans want to hear about more than just last night's game, so we compile comprehensive statistical analysis and well-supported opinions in order to add another dimension to the reader's fan IQ. It is not about "hearing it first here," but rather giving our audience another perspective on the sports world.

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