Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dolphins Dominate in Record-Breaking Fashion

As I previously noted, Ronnie Brown and the Miami Dolphins were due for a breakout game in one of the next few games. Fortunately, they proved my prediction right on a bright Sunday afternoon against the New England Patriots. Ronnie Brown scored 4 rushing touchdowns and even threw for 1 passing touchdown. He becomes the 2nd player in NFL history to record four rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown in one game. At the same token, the Dolphins ended the Patriot's 21-game regular season win streak (which ironically began after a loss to the Miami Dolphins in 2006). The Las Vegas betting odds were favoring the Patriots by 13 points. It can be said that whoever placed bets in favor of the Dolphins had Lady Luck on their side; banking in on the Dolphins 38-13 win. Chad Pennington threw for over 200 passing yards (although no TD passes) and distributed the ball well among various Dolphin receivers. This time around, Ginn, Camarillo, and Fasano were in the mix and allowed the Fins to get good yardage on first and second downs. Of course, the surprise of the game was in the direct snaps to Ronnie Brown; faking the hand off to Rick Williams and running the ball in for a touchdown multiple times. Had it not been for the great running game, I'm not sure our passing game would've done too well. On a final note, the Dolphin's defense did great at pressuring Matt Cassel and forcing a few fumbles and a couple sacks. Joey Porter smack talked prior to the game, but was able to back it up on the field with a decisive win, three sacks, and a forced fumble to notch on his belt. Let's see if Ronnie and the Fins can build on this win and take on the San Diego Chargers in two weeks. For now, they relax on their bye week and savor the sweet taste of victory, as it has not been a flavor on their palette for a long time now.

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